About Us

Developing land for a better future

We create innovative & sophisticated living spaces by identifying areas with amazing hidden value and unlock their unique potential through our design and development. We continue to strive for excellence in elevating the lifestyle of our clients, partners and families.

Corporate Overview

Dansol International is a land development company. Our unique approach to land development begins with acquiring land in the path of growth, creating value through the planning and entitlement process, developing and marketing residential lots and commercial sites and by working with industry partners who share the same vision and values.

We target selected markets because we believe they offer the following positive characteristics over the longer term: strong housing demand, a limited supply of developable land and are in close proximity to growing areas with a high quality of life.

Our management and consultants are committed to continually improving the quality of our portfolio through efficient land asset’s, value added services for our partners and capital improvements to our assets.

Our Philosophy

At Dansol International we believe in a solid commitment to quality. Through our efforts, patience and long term vision we deliver consistent results for our customers, associates , shareholders and employees.

We firmly believe the steps we take today allow for a better future. It is this pursuit of excellence that fuels our passion for what we do. By forming strategic partnerships we are able to create new and innovative opportunities for development.