Land Investment

Blue Sky Thinking

Why Invest in Land?

There are plenty of reasons to invest in land, two of which are especially relevant today. Firstly, with stock markets being as unpredictable and quickly shifting as they have been recently, land is, in every sense, tangible, solid ground to walk on. Unlike other investments that exist only on paper and can be difficult to understand, you can see, visit, walk on, and put your land to use. Secondly, Alberta’s population is increasing, as is the demand for good land.

Shaky financial markets have increased interest in land investments that much more; with the stock markets and banking sector weakening, investors are recognizing tangible property and land as a wiser endeavour. Since there’s only so much land to go around, supply is limited—that means you can expect an accelerated appreciation in your investment’s value and a greater return on your investment overall. Buying land is also a hassle-free alternative to buying into the property market. With a lower initial cost and no further investment and building maintenance to worry about before a profitable return is a possibility, even an inexperienced investor can invest in land. Working with a land developer is straightforward and it’s easy to monitor the rise in property and land values.

From a strategic perspective, land will continue to be the most essential wealth creation asset. However, land investments have traditionally been investment vehicles solely for the wealthy. This was because investing in land required substantial amounts of capital. It was very unusual and extremely difficult for the common investor to seize the lucrative opportunity. However Dansol International has made it possible for you to become a Land Baron and benefit from these advantages!

Advantages of Investing in Land

  • Ground floor investment, with fewer risks
  • Greater flexibility for maximizing value
  • Less volatile than other investments
  • Owning land is usually a bargain compared to buying developed real estate
  • Depending on area zoning, land can be used for multiple purposes.
  • When you invest in land versus rental properties, you don’t have to devote time, money, and effort to the upkeep of property or attracting and keeping a steady stream of reliable renters
  • Fewer risks when properly managed
  • Potential for higher profits
  • Land is a tangible product which is nowhere near as volatile as the stock market
  • Land is a finite resource and appreciation is high especially in the growing regions of emerging town, counties, cities and countries
  • Land is an inexpensive method of investment in comparison with other forms of investment such as property
  • Land increases in value consistently year after year in many towns, counties, cities and countries, due to demand outstripping supply and from land gaining building permission to have houses built on it
  • Land has continued to rise in value and nothing shows that this will slow down. However, the equity markets, banks, bonds, precious metals, antiques, art and foreign currency have all had their highs and lows


Why not simply “flip” land?

It’s true: you can make some profit by purchasing and flipping land, but by acquiring all of the necessary approvals and implementing essential services, the land developer can force the value of the land to increase. This means that the value of the land is less reliant on the market upswing and gives prospective buyers’ confidence in a significantly lower risk endeavour than real estate.


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